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Our aim is to create solutions which are beneficial to the user and stakeholders!

Embedded system services refer to the range of services offered to...

Website design refers to the process of planning, conceptualizing...

High Performance Computing (HPC) refers to the use of advanced...

Power electronics system design involves the creation of electronic...

PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design and prototyping are crucial steps...

Computer vision is a field of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer...

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Our focus always remains on enquiring the right questions to understand the domain we need to operate the systems.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has radically changed the software world. Customers are experencing value of having applications on cloud. We have designed, developed and deployed several cloud applications over the years.

  • Implement loose coupling
  • Adaptive and Elastic search
  • Focus on services
  • Private Cloud hosting

Embedded Linux

Implemented low cost singleboard solution to reduce complexity of real time applications.

Provided secure communication across networks using Open Source SSL/TLS implementation.

Power Electronic Embedded System Software

Cross-functional engineering team to prototype, develop, test and launch new hardware products.

  • Bluetooth and other communication channels.
  • Built-in digital interface.
  • Create quality embedded software for power electronics applications.

Built-in digital interface that performs embedded system computing.

Mobile/Web App Development

Design, develop and deliver applications across all the major platforms.

Design , build and maintain high performance, reusable reliable ios application

Handcrafted Full Stack software development in agile mode for modern web and mobile technologies

  • Enterprise Mobile sloution
  • Design code libraries
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